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  • I live in BC now, please stop…

  • can recall last fed elections when Elizabeth May highlighted Canadian wealth is concentrated on 83 families only.. ..

  • I thought I’d unsubscribed already.

  • I have come from Ottawa in 2917. I assisted -worked during 1974-76 tin SCWRP (Southern California Water Research Project) and I do not need to be convinced re this extremely grave degrading evolution. I was born in 1938. We all must become activists, reasonably, but decisively. Keep me in touch. Thanks,

  • Hi I am over visiting my son, daughter in law ( whose parents live in Calgary also) and baby granddaughter, Rosie and experiencing the cold/snow/sun ( today) in Calgary. Live in Norfolk, England where I am Returning Officer for our North Norfolk Green Party. Great to see GP active in the gas hungry provinces! Long standing Green Party and European Greens and European Nuclear Disarmament campaigners. Well done all in Canadian Green Party and thanks from England. Mike and Anne

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