Shadow Cabinet

The Green Party of Alberta is proud to have our own Shadow Cabinet, tasked with responding to current events and the current government of Alberta to express how a Green Party Government would run.

The three main goals of our Shadow Cabinet are as follows.

To develop greater capacity in the GPA to respond to issues and to promote better GPA policy development;

To demonstrate greater depth and capacity of the party to outsiders;

To raise the profile and credibility of the GPA generally and attract more people to it.

After diligent consideration, we have allocated that the following portfolios are important governing points and should be followed extensively.


Portfolio  Critic
1.      Reconciliation w/Indigenous Peoples Vacant
2.      Democratic Renewal


Coral Bliss-Taylor
3.      Civil Liberties & Human Rights


Janet Keeping
4.      Governance for Sustainability


5.      Poverty & Homelessness


Thana Boonlert
6.      Food Security


7.      Education & Childcare


Natalie Odd
8.      Advanced Education & Life-long Learning


9.      Economic Resiliency Vacant
10.  Infrastructure and Transit


11.  Environment & Ecosystem Health


Marco Reid
12.  Water


13.  Agriculture Vacant
14.  Climate Change


Sandy Aberdeen
15.  Rural Alberta


Jerome Backmeyer
16.  Sustainable Towns & Cities


17.  Public Finance


Carl Svoboda
18.  Health & Wellness


19.  Energy


Roger Gagne
20.  Law & Legal systems





Please contact our party leader, Janet Keeping at if you are interested at all in the formation of our Shadow Cabinet.