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Green Party of Alberta to launch Constituency Association in Edmonton-Mill Creek

July 20, 2016

Energy East is bad for Albertans too

by Janet Keeping, Leader of the Green Party of Alberta

Contrary to what might wrongly be called “conventional wisdom,” Energy East would be bad for Alberta.  Building the pipeline would contribute nothing to solving the most serious economic problem we face, which is excessive dependence on the oil and gas industry.

Read the full blog post here

December 10, 2015 MEDIA RELEASE

Greens say Carbon price too low and Alberta’s climate plan a failure

This media release provides key points from a detailed analysis of the Alberta government’s climate plan. The analysis is available on the Green Party of Alberta website, Back to the Drawing Board: Greens respond to Alberta government’s carbon plan.

Media Release

Greens say Carbon price too low and Alberta’s climate plan a failure

December 10, 2015

The Green Party of Alberta has released its response to the Alberta government’s climate plan. Party leader Janet Keeping says the government asked itself the wrong question and then, not surprisingly, failed to reach the right answer.

Keeping asks: Is the task of a climate plan to ensure the oil and gas industry can do business (pretty much) as usual in the face of climate change?  Or is it to take steps to reduce carbon emissions from our province and do our part to avoid global climate change induced chaos? If climate change is the challenge it seems undeniably to be, our task must be the latter and, if so, the government’s plan fails.

The provincial government has come up with a plan that – astonishingly – doesn’t reduce Alberta’s emissions from today’s extremely high levels.  Indeed, even though coal is going to be eliminated as a fuel for generating electricity by 2030, because oil sands emissions are going to be allowed to grow by 43%, Alberta’s overall GHG emissions will keep growing until they stabilize in 2030 at a level higher than today’s. That’s right – under the government’s plan Alberta’s emissions keep growing.

In Keeping’s view, the challenge for Albertans is to change the way we think: the greatest hurdle we face in addressing the need to reduce our carbon emissions is not economic but psychological. It looks as if many of us are suffering from something like Stockholm Syndrome where hostages become so insecure and fearful they come to identify with their captors’ interests.

Many Albertans seem to believe we cannot break free of the forces that threaten our well-being and limit our economy. But we could break free, if public policy did not cater to the oil and gas industry in inappropriate ways.

If the government had adopted the carbon price recommended to it by the Pembina Institute, Albertans could have been proud of the resulting plan. As it is, the government’s plan is another in a continuing series of embarrassments on the fossil fuel industry and carbon emissions front.

For the complete position paper, go to the Green Party of Alberta’s web site:

Back to the Drawing Board: Greens respond to Alberta government’s carbon plan

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Green Party of Alberta on the Construction of the New Calgary Cancer Centre

Press release, January 29, 2015

The Green Party of Alberta supports the construction of the new cancer centre in Calgary as has been long planned and promised.  The current government’s failure to properly raise revenues and budget for the inevitable cyclical decline in oil prices should not now be used as an excuse not to build a facility that is so badly needed.

Full text of article


Green Party of Alberta on Gay-Straight Alliances

January 27, 2015: Janet Keeping presents the GPA`s submission on Gay-Straight Alliances (GSAs) to hearings convened by the Rocky Mountain Civil Liberties Association in Calgary on January 27 and Edmonton January 29.

Full text of submission

Leader Janet Keeping

  • The Leader of the Green Party of Alberta since September 2012 is Janet Keeping.
  • Before this, Janet was most recently president of the Sheldon Chumir Foundation for Ethics in Leadership.
  • Janet ran as the Green Party of Alberta’s candidate in the electoral division of Calgary Foothills in the May 2015 General Election and the September 2015 By-election
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